Meet the Visual Thrive Team

Visual Thrive combines decades of professional experience to deliver a powerful narrative for your business’ social media presence. When you hire Visual Thrive for your social media needs, you receive over 50 combined years of high-level corporate communications - both visually and strategically.

Social Media Agency Photographer

scott indermaur, CEO

With over 25 years of experience creating corporate visual narratives through photography and video, Scott is able to develop and leverage strategic narratives across a wide variety of industries. Visual Thrive clients will benefit from his expertise and creative vision, highlighting the best your business has to offer.

Scott has built a successful career sharing stories through the visual language of photography and videography. Scott has the unique ability to connect with his subjects, putting even the most camera shy at ease. He enjoys taking his experience to create creative, authentic work which can be seen in his accomplished portfolio of photography, video and audio production.

Lori Giuttari Social Media Marketer

lori giuttari, COO

Lori brings over 25 years of marketing expertise and coaching skills to partner with Visual Thrive clients, discover their strategic vision and craft captions that will best highlight their company through social media platforms.

Lori has directed global marketing teams focused on showcasing the corporate brand. She is an expert at taking in a wide range of information, synthesizing it into a comprehensive story and creating customer engagement. Lori has managed successful political campaigns, and regularly coaches executives to find their unique communication style. Lori is a certified Master Coach with demonstrated success in the areas of strategic planning, change management, growth and communications.