Q: Can we use the photography for our company’s website and email campaigns?

A: Yes, you have unlimited use of the photographs for your company. Your photos will be edited so that the they align beautifully with your brand. Each month, the batch of edited photos that have been published on your social media sites will be uploaded into a library and that link will be shared with you. Of course, you can always download them from your feed, but your originals will always deliver the best quality.

Q: How are these photographs taken?

A: We use professional photographers, with smartphones (aka iPhone) to create your photography. Using a smartphone allows us to streamline the visual workflow and create images that meet the fast pace and style of social media.

Q: My employees can take and post our company’s pictures. Why do I need Visual Thrive if my employees can do it?

A: Visual Thrive offers a professional photographer, a writer, and social media expert to post your visuals consistently. This exceptional combination of high-quality visuals, consistent strategic content, and analytics lets you handle your business while it THRIVES.

A professional photographer is trained to understand lighting, editing, and all the tricks that create a great photo. Every social media post needs visuals that tell the story of your company!

Once you become a client of Visual Thrive, our team will conduct research to provide each social media caption with the best key words (aligned to your website’s SEO), hashtags (based on optimal trending), and competitor research to give you the best advantage for your audience.

Also, employees won’t provide you with monthly analytics. So let your employees focus on what they’re great at doing, and you can focus on running your business!

Q: Why such a focus on visuals?

A: Visual Thrive leads with visuals because we know content with good visuals will get 94% more views. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared, and visuals are 43% more effective in persuading your audience to take action.

Q: Can our company post our images in addition to your content?

A: Yes, we encourage all of our customers to infuse Visual Thrive’s messaging with their authentic voice.

Q: Where are your customers based?

A: We have a network of professional photographers throughout the USA and can work with any business in any states.

Q: As a customer, what do I do?

A: It is essential for us to build a partnership with each customer. We begin that process with a discovery session to understand your brand, goals and your expectations. Our Project Manager will handle scheduling and overseeing the operation of the photographer and social media post writer.

Q: As a customer, how much time will I need to commit to Visual Thrive?

A: We will manage everything! You will need to commit less than an hour a month to review and approve your schedule posts and monthly analytics. You will also need someone present for the 2-hour photography sessions.

Q: What social media platforms do you schedule posts on?

A: You can choose which social media platforms are your priority. We post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Q: We have a images taken in the past and have never posted them. Can you do this for us

A: Yes we can! We have an option to allow submit images for us to process and post.

Q: Can we send you employee generated images to post with Visual Thrive images?

A: Yes! We will process the images and write the proper captions and hashtags. This service is an add-on service that can be a monthly renewal or an as a needed option.

Q: I don’t know which social media platform will be more useful for my business. Can you help?

A: Yes! Let us talk, and we can even set up a platform for you.