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By Lori Giuttari

By Lori Giuttari

When I became certified as a Master Coach, I was asked to set intentions for what I wanted to create in my businesses. I wrote down two things:

I intend to learn how to blog, then write a program to demonstrate the value of coaching. I intend to help people and organizations grow through courageous communication.

I have way too many years of business strategy experience to be a one-on-one coach full time, so I took a two-prong approach to building the business. I left my corporate gig about four years ago, and so far my intentions are coming together.

You’re reading this; so you know I figured out how to blog. My coaching blog lives at LG Coaching, and I recently completed RightLife RuleBook. It took me a full year to create this coaching program. So far I’m thrilled with these offers.

Now it’s time to move on to that second prong: businesses and organizations.

I wanted to create a cool integration of my decades of experience in marketing, communications, and coaching to grow businesses. So, what’s the best way for a small to medium business to grow these days?

How could a company strategically think about its business plan with me?

… AND receive the visuals needed to market it;
… AND the right communications to grow it;
… AND the media tools to watch it thrive!?

In marketing, consistency and content is super important. So are visuals. I’ve worked with companies that really struggle to keep up with the seemingly simple task of social media marketing – an inexpensive and accessible way to enter the market of publicizing and promoting their business.

But while doing so, they often miss the part about consistency, content and visuals; and diminish their brand in the process. For example, how many brands do you know simply by seeing their logo?

Some companies have full-time marketers on their payroll, but there’s another segment that can’t can’t afford to have this luxury. They’ll either do their best to get their message out, or tell employees to take photos and post on social media.

But employees get distracted from their job responsibilities, and the lack of consistency in writing, style and timing doesn’t support the company’s goals. Each post done this way diminishes the brand with no real oversight. So what’s the purpose of doing it in the first place?

You don’t track it, you don’t measure it, and you don’t really know anything about how it’s effecting your business - but it’s free! So you get what you pay for, right?

Companies can also spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on social media advertising without a strategic vision or focused goal, without insight on their return on investment. It’s a very casual approach to your life’s work.

But the key is that GREAT social media, without question, is led and driven by strong visuals: VISUAL THRIVE

How can Visual Thrive provide compelling and effective solutions to a business’ social media dilemma at a reasonable price point? You need four components:

  1. A simple, streamlined process aligned with the fast pace of social media.

  2. Production and photographic expertise using the world’s most popular camera.

  3. Planning, coaching, and research & writing to focus and optimize each post.

  4. Analytics each month to watch your business’ return on investment, and outcomes.

Visual Thrive combines decades of professional experience to deliver a powerful narrative for your business’ social media presence in a simple format.

Visual Thrive takes your photographs with professional photographers, writes engaging captions based your goals and research; and schedules consistently to optimize your social media engagement – hashtags included!

Visual Thrive provides monthly analytics and continues your company’s strategic discussions, while delivering plenty of photos for your business’ use wherever it wants to!

This exceptional combination of high-quality visuals, strategic consistent content, and sound analytics will allow you to focus on what your business needs, while it THRIVES!!