Introducing Visual Thrive!

Scott using the world’s most popular camera.
By Scott Indermaur

By Scott Indermaur

Some of the best ideas come to us when we aren’t focused on anything particular – like when we’re in the shower or running… Einstein said “play is the highest form of research.”

As a business owner, it’s so important to step outside of your business and think about your experiences, or what your clients meed that they aren’t getting. Indermaur Media is fortunate to be able to work with lots of businesses on their professional photography needs and video introductions.

But I also watch many of them struggle to keep up with the fast-paced demands of maintaining a strong social media presence, often posting unplanned photos and quick captions just to stay top of mind with their customers. Business owners have also shared how employees can be distracted from their job responsibilities when they participate in the company’s social media posting. The lack of consistency in the style of each post lends itself to diminishing the company’s brand with no oversight.

Companies also spend hundreds of dollars on social media advertising without a focused goal, and without much insight on their return on investment. I’ve always been passionate about telling the stories of a business, and I’ve had great experiences producing a wide range of corporate media campaigns. How could I take that knowledge and translate it into a workable formula that would serve the smaller companies?

So one day, I was running in preparation of an upcoming race and thinking about my business – as one does…How could I provide a visual solution to a business’ social media dilemma at a reasonable price point?

  • If I could extend Indermaur Media’s production capabilities and expertise while creating a visual narrative using the world’s most popular camera, an iPhone, we could maintain a simple and streamlined process aligned with what people are used to seeing on social media. The difference would be, using a professional photographer’s eye and editing experience will develop a strong narrative and deepen the customer’s brand.

  • If I could pair the photos with strong captions, based on strategic research and writing, from an experienced writer and communications expert; I could optimize each post, and provide analytics to demonstrate a return on the investment.

And then I came up with the name Visual Thrive.

Visual Thrive combines decades of professional experience to deliver a powerful narrative for your business’ social media presence in a simple format. Visual Thrive takes photographs with professional photographers, writes engaging captions, schedules content to optimize your social media engagement, while managing the entire project at a reasonable price point for small business.

Recently, while attending a three-month business development class, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, my main objective was to work ON my business and not work IN my business – taking time out to plan for growth, and not spending 24/7 in the daily grind. The class’s objective was that students needed to create and present a Growth Plan. This was a perfect opportunity to turn my Visual Thrive idea into a reality.

I was able to develop and refine this idea with colleagues in the class, and adjust it accordingly.

I am happy to introduce Visual Thrive publicly. With a national network of photographers, Visual Thrive is now available throughout the United States.

The exceptional combination of high-quality visuals, strategic consistent content, and sound analytics will allow you to focus on what your business needs, while it THRIVES!