Hiring Summer Interns is Like Brainstorming for Three Months!

This summer Visual Thrive was graced two amazing interns. They agreed to do whatever was needed to allow us to focus more directly on deepening our clients’ relationships and building relationships with new clients. We made the decision to pay them, support their growth, and introduce them to our clients.

We knew we’d do our best to transfer our knowledge and teach them new skills, but we thought less about how much we would learn from them in return.  We were often pleasantly surprised by their focus and work ethic. It was a great exchange and infusion of new ideas and lots of fun!

We asked them to give us an honest view from their lenses. Here’s what they said (unfiltered!):

“Spending the summer interning at Visual Thrive enabled me to gain the invaluable experience of how to be a successful business person, running a successful business. I was able to watch an innovative idea grow into a prosperous company over three months! Having the opportunity to see everything that happens behind the scenes was extremely helpful to my understanding of businesses.

“Preparing client analytics became my favorite part of the job. I enjoyed looking at the data so that I could really understand the value of Visual Thrive’s work, and the meaning behind the numbers. It was very rewarding to see a big positive jump in any analytics report.

“I also learned the bigger responsibilities of how to be successful in any job. Two that really had an impact on me are the importance of being persistent, and how critical building strong connections with all of your clients can be.

“I greatly enjoyed my summer at Visual Thrive and I’m looking forward to see where we go from here!”  ~Michaela


“As an intern for Visual Thrive these past couple of months, I learned so many different things that have opened my eyes. Initially, the on-boarding experience seemed overwhelming, but now I can confidently work within many different business applications which I know will benefit me in the future. I’ve seen the in’s and outs of some well-known Rhode Island businesses, as well as how much work goes into gaining reputability and influence through social media.

“As a teenager, I have a different take and a different experience with the social media platforms Visual Thrive works with. I definitely view Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter differently now because of how much I’ve been exploring their functions and purpose for each company. I also didn’t realize how much personality can be in one photo, and how capturing that unique personality means so much to a business as well as to its viewers. It’s really interesting how different businesses view their own company, and how they portray it to the outside world through social media.

Having this summer internship allowed me to indulge in something outside my comfort zone.  Learning about Rhode Island through a business lens, working for an employer, and being on an official payroll truly benefitted me and was the perfect job to have before college. I think working for Visual Thrive taught me new ways of communication and strategizing, and how to be a productive member of a great team.”  ~Caroline

We’ll miss our interns, and wish them only the best as they begin a new year at college! As you read their insights in their own voice, note that the things we role model and the things we teach matters.

Lori GiuttariComment